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T-Shirt of the DAY
This site is  always UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  But we're open for business.  New items are added constantly.  There are
over 1000 products so far,   This web site is constructed using only free-range electrons, with verified U.S. Citizenship.  
Preference is given to veteran and handicapped electrons.  All com ports are configured for easy access of handicapped
electrons, in compliance with the Electrons with Disabilities Act.  So there.  If you don't see what you want, ask.  Send
requests, comments or suggestions to:  SlogansHeroes@gmail.com

COMBINED SHIPPING?  Absolutely!  Buy a lot of items at once and save.  Buy enough, shipping is FREE.

BULK DISCOUNTS?  Automatic, the software is set up to give discounts at different levels.

GIFT WRAPPING is also available.

Shirts etc. for your favorite team or
sport, for working out or for fun.

New takes on old sayings, just fun
thoughts.  Some upbeat, some cynical.

Some of these may be familiar.  And
some, like me, are slightly off.

Also cities and the whole U.S. A.  Some
funny, some serious, all proud.

Shirts for new or expecting moms, for a
life-changing event.  In pink and blue.

Kind of like in-jokes.  If you don't know
the reference, you won't understand.

You can join my gang, the Rabid
Rabbits.  Just buy a shirt and wear it,
you're in.

Veteran or active duty, there is
something here for you. Thank you for
serving your country.

Shirts for cops, current and former.  In
Police blue or Sheriff's green.

Growing old is mandatory, growing up is
optional.  My kids are now older than I
am. If you don't believe me, ask them!

In a post-Katrina/tsunami world, we
shouldn't need reminding.  But we do.

Another favorite book was the
dictionary, which I swallowed whole.
I've been a Raiders fan since '68 and so
I make some t-shirts for myself, or to
share  with other fans.  W.W.A.D.D.?
What Would Al Davis Do?

More positive and upbeat than my
normal sarcastic cynicism.

For those who go out and enforce
contract law.
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Bartlett's Familiar Quotations was one
of my favorite books as a child.

Shirts about that which you most
deeply and truly believe in -- MONEY!

Everything depends on your attitude.   
It may hurt, but does it hurt good?

Pairs of shirts for couples of any gender.
Whatever the holiday, we try to have
fun with it.
Men's standard wieght t-shirt Lerprachaun smoking a pipe, shamrocks coming out of it.
Men's standard wieght t-shirt
Men's standard weight t-shirt
Men's standard weight t-shirt
Men's standard weight t-shirt
Men's standard weight t-shrt
Men's standard weight t-shrt
Men's standard weight t-shrt
Men's standard weight t-shrt
Men's standard weight t-shrt Minuteman on background of U.S. flag in country outline

Whatever your position on the issues,
we'll make a shirt that says it for you.  
But take sides! Get Involved!

Naughty, flirty or blatant.  Sex is
supposed to be fun, and so are
these shirts.

If there is something you want on a
shirt, I can make it. As long as it isn't
copyrighted. (Unless you own the (C) )
<p>Use Spreadshirt for <a href=”http://www.spreadshirt.com/t-shirt-printing-C3721&rdquo; title=”custom t-shirt printing”>custom t-shirt
Okay, I'm back.  While I was at the gym, some blankety-blank obscenities stole my laptop out of my truck.  It has taken me a while to scrape
together enough money for another one, which I couldn't have done if a friend hadn't been able to find me one at a price I could afford.  I'll
have to go over everything here to make sure there were no glitches in my importing the site, and then I'll get to work on a couple of designs I
thought of.  It would do wonders for me if you would buy a shirt or two, and tell your friends about the site.
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