U. S. Air Force
T-Shirt of the DAY
know.  A link to the unit patch or attaching a picture would help.  I was 25th Infantry, so I might not know exactly what you want just by the unit name.  But we
can work that out and make exactly what you want.  I try hard.  Only limit is no copyrighted images.
Double sided.  The rest are single-sided.
Military Heroes
on front,
Civilian Heroes
on back.
When you order, you can choose the color shirt you want.  I'll be putting the "Duty Called" shirts on different color samples here just to give you a look at the colors
available.  The color of the shirt may affect the price.  So if you are on a budget, see if you can find a color you like that costs less.  Double-sided shirts cost more.  You
can also have "Duty Called" on one side and "Real Heroes" or "Generation" on the other.  Any two of the three.  Just e-mail me at