T-Shirt of the DAY
Risque', naughty, flirtatious, or blatant.  Here are some shirts to express your mood, your preferences, attract a mate or get a date.  Sex
is supposed to be fun, and so are these items.  As always, your suggestions or requests for other shirts are more than welcome.  Enjoy!  
BTW, I don't know why the shirts are displaying the graphics in a white box.  They don't print that way.  It is just a fight I am losing with the
software.  Not only is the software winning, it is a shutout victory.  I'm stumped.  Some shirts, you can choose your color, and one lets you
put your own name on it.
Men's standard weight t-shirt.  Sexual weightlifter logo, put your own name on it, choose your own shirt color.
Men's standard weight t-shirt.  Sexual weighlifter logo in red, choose your own name and shirt color.