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Thorium, LFTR, solution, nuclear, energy, power
Thorium, LFTR, solution, nuclear, energy
Thorium, LFTR, nuclear, solution, energy, power
Thorium, LFTR, solution, nuclear, reactor, energy, power

How do you get electric power 24/7/365?  The sun shines less than half the time, the wind only blows hard enough to produce electricity 15% of the time.  But
Thorium in a molten salt reactor can produce power ALL the time.  With no carbon emissions, producing no materials that can be used to make bombs, actually
disposing of nuclear waste, and producing isotopes that are needed for medicine and space exploration.  Go to YouTube and search "LFTR" to learn about this,
you'll be amazed.  And this isn't pie-in-the-sky, we actually had one running at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the '70's.
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