T-Shirt of the DAY
I like big words.  The more syllables, the better, sometimes.  For me, the English language is like a wonderful toy I got as a child, and can still play with.  Big
words can also serve to insulate you from the emotional content of a situation.  I have to think of the scientific or medical terms for things, and thinking brings
down the emotions.  It's like a teeter-totter:  when emotion goes up, intellect goes down.  And sometimes using the larger word helps hide your true meaning
and intent.  As the shirt says, "Obfuscation is our most important product."  If you have a favorite word, why not wear it?  And if you know someone who these
A person who uses long words.
A person who reads in bed.
A fingerprint expert.
A person who can't stand riding roller
A person who loves riding roller coasters.
A person who fears falling down stairs.
Okay, so it isn't really a type of dinosaur.  
But you can fool some of the people some
of the time, and amuse the rest.
The long way of saying "Don't fuck up",
while avoiding the prohibition against
certain Anglo-Saxon 4-letter words.
Just a rephrase of "Shit Happens", for the
college crowd or others with a vocabulary.
One of my favorite words.  It means "having shapely buttocks", something which I am greatly in favor of.  And what better place to
display the word than on or near the shapely buttocks?  If you know a lady who has some, this is one way to tell her you think so.  And
feel free to send photos.  Lots of them.feel free to send photos.  Lots of them.
Another way of saying "Don't fuck up."
without the Anglo-Saxon four-letter word.
The Naked and the Dead, rephrased for
fun. You can use a stopwatch to time how
long it takes some people to recognize this.  
For others, you can use an hour glass.
"Paradise Lost", by way of pair of dice,
lost.  If I were capable of shame, this would
bring it on.  I'm not.
A person who collects trivia.
And if you don't understand this shirt, it's
working very well.
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A lover of wine.  But if you pass out face
down, people may still mistake you for a wino
A compulsive hair puller.
Really.  I didn't make it up.
A person whose sensory perceptions are
crossed, causing them to see music, hear
colors, taste words, etc.
knowledge and justified belief.  How do we
know what we know is true?
Discalculaic is a person with a severe math learning disability.
A person with a severe learning
disability in Math.